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  • Weekly “FinTech Insider Briefs” from our founders and other major FinTech players that will highlight leading indicators + the next big thing in FinTech + ahead of the curve info, trends and insights on startups and what’s going on in with the FI/bank transformations. This is one SUNDAY service you’ll never want to miss!
  • Curated Monthly FinTech Segment Marketscapes where you will receive an overview of a FinTech Segment (e.g., Blockchain) and its value chain (the multiple sectors) with it with sample startups focusing on each segment for context. These are very helpful to understand each segment better and the growth it is has over time.
  • Access to MEDICI’s Emerging Global Startups Watch List (and now yours). Our start up recommendations are made using our proprietary scoring system and our global listening engine. This list will help you accelerate your research on new technologies and opportunities for investment, partnerships and education on what’s to come.
  • Access to hand selected MEDICI’s summaries of exclusive research reports on emerging technologies and trends in theFinTech space.
  • Robust In-Depth, FinTech Foresights Podcast Interviews + Education with industry leaders, technologists, and emerging founders who have newest insights and education.
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