Frequently Asked Questions


How to Use This Site

Q. The site isn’t working properly for me. What should I do?

A. If you don’t see the answer to your problem in the Guide, please e-mail so we may troubleshoot the issue for you. In your message please include the URL relevant to the issue and as much information as you can share, i.e. browser and/or device you are using when you experienced this complication and any error messages you may have received.

Q. Why are the videos not playing or freezing?

A. Different browsers and devices handle playback differently and various browser add-ons and plugins may affect playback. Try to logout and log back in with your username and password. If you are still unable to access these videos, please email so a member of our team may help troubleshoot the issue. In your email please tell us what browser and device you are using to access the video.

Q. Why can’t I download the files?

A. We want to make the material as easy as possible for you to access. If you’re having trouble downloading the material, please e-mail with a screenshot of error the message you received so we may troubleshoot and send you the material.

Q. Why is this different than other online FinTech trends subscriptions?

A. MEDICI has spent the last 5 years working from the bottoms up approach globally, where we have been focused on building our listening engine through our data, insights, hands-on immersive partnerships with FIs, banks, startups and investors–and have been providing deep content in the FinTech space since it was trendy. Our Inner Circle Plan is the culmination of all that…for people who NEED to be in the know of all things global FinTech. We want to put our best foot forward for those who are looking for emerging trends…to accelerate the growth of the industry. We also are excited to have you part of our journey. The more you get engaged on the topics and sectors you want to learn more about, the more this becomes both top down and bottoms up–and something that becomes a collaborative membership of major value. That’s our intent, and that’s why we are different.

Q. Why am I only getting emails every Sunday?

A. It’s’ simple. We don’t want to clutter your inbox. We know you are subscribed to so many newsletters and potentially other subscriptions–and everything we are providing you is located in our very own personal membership portal. So Sunday’s are the days, you don’t want to miss out on — from the Inner Circle!

Q. What sets MEDICI Inner Circle apart from the free content you’ve been offering for years?

A. What sets the Inner Circle apart are exclusive access, breadth of connection, and depth of insight. You get the same unwavering commitment to robust content – but this is where we really pull back the curtain. It’s where you get to know startup CEOs and investors who know what’s just beyond the horizon, who ARE The Next Big Thing. It’s where you get to attend invite-only events. It’s where you meet the people and ideas that can truly enable you to innovate at scale. The Inner Circle is where the top of the top are meeting – and we think you belong here.

Q. I’m insanely busy as it is. Why would I have time to engage in this?

A. Well, once you’re not spending hours and hours hunting down the major insights that we can organize and deliver to you directly, you might find you have more time and energy to explore in ways you haven’t before. If you do happen anything, you have access to the insights, watch lists, podcast recordings, etc all on your membership portal at all times.

And because the Inner Circle is made up of so many worthwhile elements (including optional a la carte premium bonuses), you can pick and choose the content, events, conferences, roundtables, interviews, receptions, and sponsorships that most resonate with you.



Billing/account info Questions

Q. What happens if I forget my password? Or my login page?

A. InnerCircle@GoMedici.comookmark to make the membership site easily accessible for future visits. If you forget your password, you click “Forgot password” to have a new password sent to your email address on file, but if you don’t recall which email address you used to sign up you can email us at InnerCircle@GoMedici.comand we’ll be happy to assist you.

Q. How can I update my method of payment for my recurring billing profile?

A. Just log in at and choose “Your Account” and then “Billing”. From this page, you can update your credit card on file or add new payment methods, and see when upcoming payments will process.

Q. How do I cancel my membership in the Inner Circle?

A. In the upper right hand corner of this site, click on “My Account”, then click on “Cancel Membership” We require a 15-day notice prior to your next billing cycle to process your cancellation.

Q. How do I change my password?

A. To change your password, from the login page click on Lost Your Password. You will receive an email to update your password. We highly recommend that you create a strong password.